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GLOBIS Asia Campus holds regular events in Singapore to give prospective students and the general public an opportunity to learn more about our institution and courses.

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Alumni Voices

Yihui Qiu (Mia)
Class of 2015 Full-time MBA Program, GLOBIS University
"I found and developed my personal mission with GLOBIS."
Unlike other business schools, GLOBIS places as much importance on finding your personal mission as learning management principles.
The most memorable moment for me was when the class shared each other's personal missions. While listening to such inspirational and encouraging speeches, I reflected on my choices, traced the dots of my life and found my Kokorozashi.

Daiichiro Koyanagi
Class of 2014 Part-time MBA Program, GLOBIS University
"I applied my experience within cultural diversity to leading a global team."
When I was working as a GM and Sales Director in Malaysia, I was faced with a number of difficult situations such as internal disagreements and complex decision-making.
I drew on what I learned at GLOBIS regarding inclusivity, knowledge sharing and mutual respect and was able to successfully apply this to my job.