Masaru Hoshino

Masaru Hoshino

MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
LL.B., Keio Universityy


Mr. Hoshino has experience working for a Japanese trading company where he was engaged in project finance for natural resource development projects mainly in Southeast Asia. He has also worked as a non-executive director at a petrochemicals manufacturing company specializing in equity investment, project lending and marketing petrochemical products.

At GLOBIS, he is in charge of developing financial courses and materials while teaching at the school. He also conducts corporate training for GLOBIS Corporate Education.


Mr. Hoshino co-wrote, among others, "Financial Management (New Edition)" from Diamond Publications.

Faculty Message:

"Welcome to the world of Finance! In my class, I emphasize how important AND interesting it is to learn Finance as a necessary tool for you to become a business leader. By mastering this exciting subject you will be able to deepen your understanding on how business practice is structured based on Finance concepts. For example, you can understand what a world class automobile firm aims for OTHER THAN improving production efficiency by employing the just-in-time inventory system. Yes, Finance makes you to see the business world in a much more exciting way !"