Tomoko Katsurayama

Tomoko Katsurayama

MBA and MSA (Master of Sports Administration), Ohio University
BA in Human Development, Nagoya University


At GLOBIS Asia Campus (GAC), as Director of GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd. and GLOBIS Thailand Co.Ltd., Ms. Katsurayama is involved in developing the business in the ASEAN region. She is also engaged in program content development in the areas of Marketing, Strategy, and Business Model Innovation. 

She periodically writes a column on well-known magazines and explains strategic concepts to a wide variety of people. Prior to joining GLOBIS, Ms. Katsurayama worked for Nike and Amazon and was engaged in sales, strategy planning, merchandising, and marketing. She then moved to a consulting company, specializing in start-up business planning for the retailing industry.

Faculty Message:

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