Tomoko Katsurayama

Tomoko Katsurayama

Critical Thinking, Essentials of Marketing & Strategy, Organizational Behavior and Leadership (Full-Time Basis)
Bachelor's degree from Nagoya University
MBA and MSA (Master of Sports Administration) from Ohio University in the United States.


Tomoko Katsurayama is the President & CEO of GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd., the Southeast Asian headquarters of GLOBIS, where she has been stationed since 2014. She is also a member of the Executive Committee at GLOBIS.

In her current role, she is engaged in realizing the GLOBIS vision in the Southeast Asian region,which is to build an ecosystem to create and innovate society.

Prior to joining GLOBIS, Tomoko Katsurayama gained valuable experience working at Nike Japan, Amazon Japan, and a foreign consulting firm. At GLOBIS, she was instrumental in developing research and programs related to strategy and marketing, and she was also involved in launching and operating the G1 Global Conference. The conference brings together leaders from diverse fields including politics, economy, business, science, technology, and culture to discuss future visions and global challenges, and explore potential solutions.