Application Requirements

1. Degree: 

  • A bachelor's degree or a certificate of equivalent value

2. Work Experience: 

  • One year of full-time work experience

3. Language Requirement:

  • Minimum score of Versant 40 or equivalent score of other English tests
    *Native speakers and those who completed a Bachelor/Diploma conducted entirely in English are not required to submit an English test score. Also, Other English test scores can be considered as proof of your English proficiency.  Please contact us at for inquires.

4. Essay:

  • “Why do you wish to apply to the Pre-Master of Business Administration (GLOBIS University) program at GLOBIS Asia Campus?
    Please share the background of your motivation (for example, current challenges or future goals) and specify how this learning will benefit you.  (Minimum 200 words, in English)  

How to Apply

Please click the button below and  fill in necessary information



 The deadline to apply for the Pre-Master of Business Administration (GLOBIS University) program is 2 weeks before the beginning of each course. Please contact us at +65-6305-4140 for inquires.


School Regulations

As a condition of enrollment in the Pre-MBA program, all students are required to comply with the GAC Enrollment Regulations. Download regulations here

Student Contract

Under the Private Education Act, GLOBIS, as a private education institution (PEI), is required to execute a contract with students before their enrollment. It is important that students read and understand the terms and conditions before signing and committing themselves to the contract. Upon signing the contract, GLOBIS and student have both agreed on the terms and conditions stated in the student contract. The sample student contract form and an advisory note can be downloaded here.


Student visas are not offered for the Pre-Master of Business Administration program at GLOBIS Asia Campus.


  • Admission to GLOBIS Asia Campus does not guarantee admission to GLOBIS University (Japan)
  • This is not a master’s program
  • The qualification is awarded by GLOBIS Asia Campus (GAC) and not GLOBIS University (Japan)
  • Pre-Master students are required to undergo a different screening process when applying to the Online Pre-MBA program and Japanese Pre-MBA program of GLOBIS University (Japan).
  • Student IDs or commuter passes will not be issued to Pre-MBA students.