Young Leaders Scholarship

Young Leaders Scholarship

The Young Leaders Scholarship aims to provide support for young business professionals wishing to start their MBA studies with the Pre-MBA program at GLOBIS Asia Campus. The scholarship acts as a waiver for the Pre-MBA enrollment fee of $299 SGD up until MBA enrollment.

1. Eligibility

Candidates for the scholarship need to fulfill the following three criteria to be eligible:

  • Clear desire to enter GLOBIS University’s MBA programs (through a separate admission process) in the future, starting with Pre-MBA courses at GLOBIS Asia Campus.
  • Initial Pre-MBA course(s) is/are registered and paid by the individual (not corporate-sponsored)
    Note: Those who are sent to study by their company, or those who expense their tuition partially or fully with the aid of their company will not be eligible for this scholarship.
  • Under 30 years of age as of December 31 of the year in which the first Pre-MBA course is taken

2. Scholarship Details

The Pre-MBA enrollment fee of $299 SGD will be waived temporarily.

New Pre-MBA students meeting the above requirements will be eligible to receive a waiver covering the Pre-MBA enrollment fee of $299 SGD. 

3. How to apply

The scholarship is automatically applied to those who are eligible to receive it. There is no separate application needed.

4. Remarks

Scholarship recipients will only receive receipts issued with their individual names, not corporate names.


Other Notes

  • Should a Young Leaders Scholarship recipient enter one of our MBA programs, the enrollment fee for the MBA program will need to be paid in full (80,000 JPY for our Part-time & Online MBA, 225,000 JPY for the Full-time MBA) .
  • GLOBIS University MBA entrants who do not receive the Young Leaders Scholarship and have paid the Pre-MBA enrollment fee will have that fee deducted from their MBA enrollment fee (57,000 JPY remains for the Part-time & Online MBA, 202,000 JPY remains for the Full-time MBA).

Please refer to the following for an overview of enrollment fee payment examples. 

Enrollment Fee Payment Examples**:

** Please note, that the Pre-MBA is under the under GLOBIS Asia Campus and the MBA is under GLOBIS University (under a separate admission screening process.)